DJ Ariel Assault (b. Ariel Gonzalez) is a proven, efficient, and true party rocker that stands amongst the elite of the Miami echelon. Already a veteran in the Miami/South Beach nightlife with residencies that, in some cases have stretched out 6 years over, Assault has clearly claimed his ground as a consistent party mover and headliner. Ariel currently serves as the Headliner DJ for SWARM events, the leading event company in Wynwood responsible for sold out festivals such as Wynwood Life, HIVE (Art Basel), Hallowyn, Sad Adams’ Oktoberfest and many others throughout the calendar year. The proclaimed “Wolf of Wynwood also solidifies his turf with his energetic and innovative sets at Shots Miami, where audiences of nearly a thousand gather to party at his residency every Saturday night. Aside from the all the guest spots Assault rocks in South Florida (Liv, Mansion,

Space, SLS, Vibe, etc.), Ariel has traveled and rocked on a national and International scale (Chicago, NY, St. Louis, Panama, Bahamas), and continues to do so on a frequent basis. Assault has done a considerable amount of work with corporations such as Victoria's Secret (VIP Parties), Penguin, Guess, and Adidas on South beach, spinning at many events which have included guests from Missy Elliott to Lebron James. With his ambition to rock the world, soon enough you will catch a dynamic set of Ariel Assault, and triumphantly understand what the hype was all about.